Wholesale Lash Extensions & Wholesale Nail Products For Salons Or Individual Artists

      If you're running a lash business and don't know where to start for wholesale lash extension supplies, don't worry -- we've got you covered! From eyepads to gloves, brushes and more, we have everything you need to stock up from the experts in the lash industry: PLA!

      We also expanded into nail tech supplies, so you can get our premier nail products wholesale as well. Whether you need gel nail polish, nail forms and acrylic powder or a UV light, when it comes to refreshing your inventory, we’ve got you! 

      PLA is a leading supplier of high-quality lash extension products. Our extensive collections are designed to meet the needs of professional lash artists and salons worldwide. We are committed to providing our clients with must-have items in bulk at a low cost.

      Here we understand that in order to give your clients the best lash sets, you need the best lash extension supplies to do the job. That's why we stock a wide range of lash extensions of all lengths, thickness and styles, ensuring you find the perfect items to suit your customers' beauty goals. Now that we offer nail supplies wholesale too, keeping your nail clients happy just got easier!

      PLA: Your Best Pick For Wholesale Lash Vendors

      We truly appreciate your business! Please be aware that this product does not qualify for any other discounts and does not apply to the wholesale discount subtotal. 

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