Eyelash Extension Tweezers


      If you are a lash technician looking for eyelash extension tweezers sets, look no further. Here at PLA, we offer many different tweezers for eyelash extensions for techs and estheticians that you’ll need to service your clients.

      You’ll find the best prices here, along with world class service that will have you coming back for all your eyelash extension supplies, time and time again.

      Why Choosing The Right Lash Tweezers Is So Important

      Novice lash technicians may be unaware of just how essential lash extension tweezers are in their arsenal.

      Having a pair, rather, multiple pairs, that you’re comfortable using on your clients is really important. You need to be confident when applying pro made fans or faux mink lashes to your client - and if you don’t have the best lash tweezers set, this is going to be really tough.

      But, personal preferences aside, there are also certain instances where one pair of eye lash tweezers are more advantageous to use than another. And if you don’t have a complete set, you may find that you don’t have the right tool for the job.

      You will need tweezers specifically to isolate the natural lash and tweezers for placing your fans. We find that many lash artists have specific tweezers they use for volume lashes vs. classic lashes.

      To make this a simple shopping experience for you and help you make the right choice for you and your business, we’ll break down all the different tweezers for eyelash extensions now.

      What Are The Different Tweezers For Lash Extensions?

      There are a couple different tweezers for lashes we want to make you aware of, but the reality is, there are so many different styles! Most lash technicians just need the essentials:

      • Isolation Tweezers
      • Classic Tweezers
      • Volume Tweezers

      Know When To Use The Different Tweezers For Eyelash Extensions

      You’ll want to learn the benefits of each of these tweezers, and get plenty of practice using them before you get to work on any of your clients.

      The right tools for the job will largely depend on the type of lashes you’re applying. Some factors you need to take into consideration include lash thickness and lash type.

      If you’ve got a client that wants classic lashes, you’ll want to use classic extension tweezers. These are designed to grab and apply a single, fine extension easily and efficiently.

      But like we mentioned earlier, if you have a client that has ultra fine lashes and is seeking isolation work, you’ll need to use delicate, fine tipped isolation tweezers.

      Now, if you’re going to be making volume fans, you’ll want to use a pair of volume eyelash extension tweezers. We carry a wide range of tweezers to fit everyone’s personal preference, from 15 to 45 to 90 degree tweezers, slight curve or curved, even boot tweezers!

      Choosing The Right Lash Extensions Tweezers For You

      We believe that tweezers are very personal. The best tweezers for lash extensions for one esthetician or tech may not be the right set for you. This is because not all of our hands are identical!

      You should consider the weight and grip on the eyelash extension tweezer set you ultimately end up purchasing.

      While these may seem like small factors, they will be instrumental in your longevity. If you’re new to this occupation, you’d be surprised the impact a set of tweezers can have on your finger joints, wrist, and even your posture!

      Your personal comfort is just as important as using the right tool for the job. So, if you are using a set that are not ideal for you, it will affect the work on your clients. Do your due diligence when shopping for your supplies!

      And of course, you will want tweezers you like! That’s why all of our tweezers come in four different color options:

      • Diamond Grip
      • Eyelash Engraved Design
      • Matte Black

      Caring For Your Professional Lash Extension Tweezers

      Once you meet your match, you need to care for your professional lash extension tweezers to ensure longevity. After all, these are an investment, so you should prolong their life as long as possible!

      Caring for tweezers is as simple as using them properly, cleaning them properly, and storing them properly.

      One common mistake new lash techs make is using your good tweezers to remove the strip off your lash tray. You should also be sure to remove lash glue or remover from the tweezers right after using them. Allowing products to dry on your tweezers can create a weight displacement, and mess with your precision and technique.

      Also realize how delicate some tweezers can be. If you continually drop them onto the hardwood, or press them against hard surfaces, it will catch up to you in terms of wear and tear. Aside from that, make sure you store them in their case when not in use.

      Buy Professional Lashes Tweezers At PLA

      Luckily for you, we carry all of these here at PLA Canada. And when you shop with us, you know you’re getting quality supplies and investing in the best sourcing for your business.

      Don’t risk using low quality tools on your clients - it will harm your reputation in the long run, and you’ll struggle to get repeat business.

      A good lash technician thrives on forming relationships with their clients, and that starts with performing an exceptional service. To do that? You need the best lash extensions tweezers from PLA.