Promade Fans


      ProMade lash fans are created by professional lash artists to help provide beautiful handmade fans for new lash artists. They help new lash artists with speed, and are an intermediary as new artists build their lash skills. Just a few years ago, pre-made fans were considered a “lazy option” for lash artists, but today our ProMade lashes are so lightweight and perfect, we are confident the future of lashing is ProMade fans. Good ProMade fans are way better than some of the handmade fans we see in lash forums. The good thing about PLA ProMade fans is we create them using the pinch method to make sure that the base is small and there is minimum adhesive.

      So much of your reputation as a lash artist depends on the products and supplies you use while working on your clients. Because of this, you can’t afford to use anything less than the best when shopping for lash extension supplies.

      When it comes to maintaining long term relationships with your clients and keeping them happy so they continue to come back for more, session after session, you need PLA.

      We have all the products you need, from ProMade lash extensions to eyelash tweezers, to help you provide exceptional service and become the best you can be. We also have the know-how to help you get the job done right, and choose the right products.

      What Are ProMade Lash Fans?

      ProMade lash fans are also referred to as “handmade” lash extensions, for the simple fact they are made without any sort of machinery.

      This makes it a less efficient process, particularly when it comes to mass production, but the result is a finer quality fan. Our team creates our handmade ProMade lashes from 3D to 16D, meaning a single fan will have anywhere from 3 lash extensions to 16 lash extensions per fan. We also created our ProMade fans with lash safety in mind. Our fans are weight appropriate for volume and mega-volume lashes. 

      Different Types Of ProMade Lash Fans

      We provide a wide range of ProMade fan options, depending on your budget, you can choose from loose fans to our XL box, and even Mixed Length boxes are available. 

      If you’ve begun the search for inventory for your business, you already know just how overwhelming it can be. We make it simple, though. We carry three different collections of lash fans:

      Another reason to go with Paris Lash Academy for all your extensions is the amount of customization we grant you access to in your inventory. We carry two popular styles of ProMade fans to allow you to give your clients the most trendy looks in the industry:

      With a wide range of densities, lengths, and curl styles, you can get any combination you need to provide versatility in your lash design.

      Why Choose ProMade Lash Fans?

      Rather than making your fans while working on the client, you can save tons of time and effort for not just your client, but for yourself by purchasing our ProMade lash extensions in advance and applying them at the time of appointment. Traditional lash artists prefer to make fans themselves, but if you are booked out and can’t afford to waste any time, you cannot afford to do the process this way.

      A second reason you might want to use ProMade lashes over hand making your volume fans is if your skills just aren’t there yet. By using ProMade fans on your clients, you can provide gorgeous volume lashes even if your fans aren’t perfect yet!

      Truly, here at Paris Lash Academy, our ProMade fans are so perfect we believe that the best ProMade lash fans are the future of lash extensions.

      ProMade vs. PreMade Lash Fans

      There is a difference between ProMade and PreMade lash fans. ProMade fans are 100% handmade, while PreMade fans are made by a machine.

      Pre-Made fans are cookie cutter, meaning they are very symmetrical, with no personality. They also are known for having big, square, boxy bases that do not wrap around the natural lash, which creates poor retention. 

      As a lash tech, it’s important for you to decide whether you are going to hand make your lash fans yourself from individual lashes, or purchase premade lash fans. A key benefit to using ProMade lash fans is you can save time during your appointment by having high quality premade lashes on hand.

      Because you need multiple lengths to complete a lash set, you will need multiple fans. For example, you want a shorter length for the inside corner of the eye vs. the outside. Luckily, we carry multiple lengths of ProMade fans, giving you lashes from 8mm to 18mm. We do offer mixed boxes, allowing you to purchase multiple lengths in one box.

      How Long Do ProMade Fans Last?

      ProMade fans have a very small base, it does have a small learning curve for lash artists to apply. We recommend you to apply them on the bottom or to the side of the natural lash. ProMade also does better with medium viscosity adhesive. Applied correctly, ProMade fans have the same retention as handmade fans. 

      How Many Lashes Should A ProMade Fan Have?

      Another question lash techs have is how long ProMade lash fans should have? This firstly depends on the weight of each lash extension. From 3D-6D, your lash weight should be made from 0.07 lashes. 7D, 8D can be made of 0.05 or 0.03 lashes. 9D and up has to be made with 0.03 lashes to ensure safe lashing.

      At PLA, we carry ProMade fans from 3D to 16D.