Eyelash Extension Kits


      Grab everything you need to start doing lashes with a professional eyelash extension kit, for sale right here at Paris Lash Academy - the leading supplier for lash artists & technicians around the world!

      All the products you need, and nothing you don’t - these are one of the best ways to get your supplies & tools all in one bundle. And by ordering all these products in one bulk purchase, you’re able to save money - helping you stretch your budget further!

      If you’re hesitant to give Paris Lash Academy a try, these are the best way to dip your toes in the water and see what we have to offer without ordering a full batch of inventory for your business. We are confident you’ll see the difference in your work, and be back for more - just like the millions of lash artists that trust us to provide the best products available to use on their clients.

      What Are Eyelash Extension Kits?

      As you can probably surmise just from the name alone, eyelash extension kits are a bundle of products you need to apply lashes to your client.

      Sure, you could grab all the products these kits contain individually, but if you are unsure what you need, it can be difficult to get started. And, you’ll end up spending more money in the long run. Instead, you can get everything you need all at once with professional eyelash extensions kits. These are specifically packaged with products designed to work together, and contain everything you need to apply lashes from start to finish.

      What Comes In A Professional Lash Extension Kit?

      Keep in mind that the specific products that come in a lash kit will vary depending on the type of bundle itself - each and every one is different. However, there are some standard tools & supplies that should come in every professional eyelash extension kit for sale online - and if you don’t see all of these in your kit, it’s probably wise to avoid altogether!

      The Eyelash Extensions or Fans Themselves

      Whether you’re after regular Classic or Volume eyelash extension kits or you want one that comes with ProMade fans, the entire basis of these kits is the lashes themselves! So, be sure your kit contains a wide selection of faux mink lashes or ProMade Fans - the very best kits will contain a range of different weights & curls to accommodate different types of clients.

      Eyelash Extension Tools

      The lash extensions are the foundation of your kit. But, the second part of the equation is the rest of the tools you need to actually put the lashes on your client!

      There are so many different tools that will fall into this category, and the more your kit includes, the more opportunity you have to test lash products. 

      There are a few specific products you need to make sure are included in your kit. These include:

      Of course - these are what you’ll find in most professional eyelash extension kits for sale. But there are other types of lash kits out there, such as those for lash lifts or even for brow health.

      So, like we said - the exact products you’ll find in your kit will vary. Be sure to always read the description, run the numbers, and make sure you’re truly getting your money's worth on whatever you end up buying!

      How Long Do Lash Extension Kits Last?

      Just like which products are included, the duration which lash extension kits last will again, depend on the specific bundle itself. PLA kits are designed to help you get everything you need to lash your models during a course, or your first couple of lash clients. Many products in the kit you will use forever, and some you will have to replace as you run out. The kits are ideal for testing the PLA product line to determine which products you like the most!

      What Is The Best Eyelash Extension Kit To Buy?

      If you are looking for the best professional eyelash extension kit for sale, look no further than what you’ll find here at Paris Lash Academy. We’ve spent over a decade studying eyelash science, and have designed & manufactured the best products on the market for lash artists everywhere.

      As lash artists ourselves, we’ve never been satisfied with mainstream products available to us. We decided to do something about it, and now Paris Lash Academy has come to be known as the premier eyelash extension supplier on the market.

      Different Types Of Professional Eyelash Extension Kits Available At Paris Lash Academy

      We have so many different lash extension kits for sale here at Paris Lash Academy, and even some lash lift starter kits, henna brow kits, and more! You’ll find something for you here, whether you need a classic lashing kit or something more robust for your volume clients. Here is a complete list of available bundles right now:

      No matter what products you need, they’re available here at Paris Lash Academy - and at the best prices online, with the best service.

      Find the top professional eyelash extension kits for sale right here, deliver the best results possible for your clients, and watch your schedule fill up faster than ever before!