Henna Brows


      While Paris Lash Academy is known for providing eyelash technicians with the products, tools, and resources needed to their best work, we also have a wide selection of henna brow kits available to help you increase your offerings and gain more clients.

      These kits contain everything you need to do henna brows on your clients or friends, and nothing you don’t. So many estheticians and beauty professionals around the world trust us as their supplier for all things lash and brow products, and you should too!

      Whether you’re just looking for some brow coloring, some shampoo, or a full-fledged kit that contains these standard products along with everything else you need - we have what you’re looking for here at PLA.

      What Exactly Is Henna Brow Style?

      Not everyone out there is blessed with dark, full eyebrows - the truth is that those with full brows are in the minority.

      The rest of us need to color our brows. Like lash extensions, henna brows allow you to “wake up with make up” without having to fill in your brows. Henna is a natural alternative to traditional brow coloring - the colorings and products you use to apply henna coloring are all natural, and typically sourced from cruelty-free, vegan sources. This means you’ll not be working with any ammonia, like some standard brow coloring. 

      How Long Do Henna Brows Last?

      Along with being better for you in terms of ingredients used in the coloring, brow henna kits also implement a tint that won’t just dye the eyebrow line - it actually fills in your clients brows!

      Your clients will enjoy darker brows for up to 8 weeks after having their eyebrows done - far outlasting traditional coloring.

      What Is A Professional Henna Brow Kit?

      As the name suggests, a henna brow kit contains everything you need to do henna style eyebrows on your clients or friends. There is no easier way to get this service added to your regimen, because you’ll have the right products - and because they all come in the same bundle, you already know they’re compatible with each other.

      What All Is Included In Professional Henna Brow Kits?

      Different kits will contain different types & quantities of products, so be sure you carefully read the description of any bundle you’re considering buying. This way, you will know for sure whether you have everything you need or not! In general, however, you should look to make sure your professional henna brow kit has the following items:

      Henna Dye Coloring

      Of course - the foundation of any brow henna kit is the actual coloring itself. The Paris Lash Academy Henna line has 6 beautiful colors to choose from. The best kits for henna brows will come with a range of colors to match a different range of natural eyebrow colors - you’ll need to select whichever one most closely matches your clients natural brows.

      Other Products You Should Look For In Your Eyebrow Henna Kit

      Along with the coloring itself, you’ll need to make sure you have the activator, shampoo, and other tools you need to get the product applied and ensure it’s long lasting.

      These products include, but are not limited to:

      • Aqua Activator
      • Eyebrow Shampoo
      • Henna Mixing Tool (and a cup to mix the product in)
      • Eyebrow Brush
      • Remover
      • Disposable Applicator
      • Eyebrow Pencil(s)

      This is just an example of some of the products found in the highest rated professional henna brow kit online - which leads us to the next thing we want to discuss. Where do you find a quality henna brow bundle for you and your clients?

      Why Paris Lash Academy Has The Best Professional Brow Henna Kit Online

      Here at Paris Lash Academy, we’re more known for our premium faux mink lashes and ProMade fans, along with our eyelash tweezers & adhesive/remover.

      But, lash techs that only work on their clients' lashes are missing out on another key offering - the eyebrows! That’s why we put together what we believe to be the very best professional henna brow supplies online, exceeding the expectations of anyone in the industry who’s given it a try. Just like our eyelash extension kits, it comes with only the finest products and tools - at a budget-friendly price for any lash tech.

      Quality Vegan Products

      The colorings in our henna brow kit aren’t just high quality and long lasting - they’re 100% vegan, so you don’t have to worry about the impact you’re having on our planet when you work on your clients. They also are entirely free ammonia and peroxide - all harsh, harmful chemicals found in standard eyebrow tinting products.