Eyelash Extension Adhesive & Remover


      Using the best eyelash extension adhesive & remover will make your job as a lash artist or esthetician so much easier!

      These two trusty supplies are essential components for any artist, just like your tweezers. And while you’re here, you can grab all your eyelash extension supplies, as we have the best selection online with the best prices.

      What Is Eyelash Extension Adhesive?

      Eyelash extension adhesive is the glue you dip your lash fans or faux mink lashes into prior to applying them to your client’s natural lash. We’ll cover how to use it in just a moment. First, we want to explain why something as simple as adhesive is so important for your business.

      Why You Need The Best Lash Adhesive

      Because lash extensions aren’t a permanent solution to beauty, your clients will have to come back to you eventually for a touch up or fill job.

      How long lash extensions hold onto the natural lash is dependent on many factors, starting with the adhesive used and factors such as your lash room humidity, your temperature, and your own speed.

      Using a high quality adhesive that is designed to meet your lash environment will help lashes last longer.

      How To Use Lash Extension Glue

      Whether you are hand making fans or using PLA ProMade fans, adhesive is used by dipping the fan into your adhesive, and placing it against the natural lash to cure.

      Before you start any appointment, remember to hand-shake your adhesive bottle for at least two minutes. This allows the separated ingredients to completely mix. Then, place a small dot of glue onto a surface without touching the nozzle to the surface. We recommend using a glue-dot holder or a glue tile to dip your fan into.

      During your lash appointment, you will continue to dip all fans into your adhesive dot. If your adhesive starts getting stringy during the appointment, just simply place another dot on your surface. Depending on your humidity, you should drop a new dot every 15 to 20 minutes.

      Do not forget to properly store your lash adhesive in between appointments. Your adhesive will last 6 months if unopened, and three to four weeks opened if stored correctly. You can store it in an adhesive holder to keep it air tight and away from sunlight.

      What Is The Best Lash Glue?

      We’ve talked a lot about how as a lash tech, you need the best supplies. Whether we’re discussing eyelash extension tweezers or glue, you cannot afford to settle for less than the best!

      But with so many similar products out there, how can you really tell what’s good and what isn’t? We’ll cover a few things you should look for when making a decision.

      Fast Set Time (Quick Drying Lash Glue)

      When we think of glue, we think of drying, but in actuality, adhesive doesn’t dry, it cures. Adhesive bonds with moisture in the air to completely cure, that’s why humidity plays such an important role. The higher humidity is, the faster your adhesive cures. The lower your humidity, the longer it takes to cure. 

      Our best adhesive for high humidity is Onyx and PLA Fusion. 

      Our best adhesive for low humidity is Pearl and Halo.

      If your humidity is above 75% please invest in a dehumidifier because your adhesive will cure too fast. 

      Secondly, depending on your skills as a lash technician, if you are fast, you want a quick curing glue. But if you are still new to lashing, you want an adhesive that will cure slower.

      Our fastest drying glue is our Pearl and Halo adhesives.

      Our slowest drying glue is our Onyx adhesive.

      You’ll Need Different Lash Extension Glue Colors

      We carry two different color adhesives: black and clear.

      Our clear adhesive is ideal for people that use a lot of color lashes so it goes on seamless.

      Don’t Forget The Eyelash Extension Remover!

      There are instances where your lash client will want to get their lashes removed. When this happens, you have the ability to remove their extensions in a safe way to keep their natural lashes healthy.

      Here at PLA Canada, we LOVE our Adhesive Cream Remover. Our remover allows you to safely remove lash extensions without damaging the natural lash. This product is for Lash Artists only. For instructions on removal, please check out our detailed video on Instagram!

      Where Can I Buy Eyelash Extension Adhesive & Remover?

      If you want to buy eyelash extension adhesive & remover online, and you won’t settle for anything less than the best - stick with Paris Lash Academy.

      Our products are formulated by our founder and world-renowned lash artist Michelle Nguyen. She has perfected her technique for the better part of a decade, and earned a reputation as one of the best lash techs in the game.

      She was never satisfied with the products at her disposal, and decided to use what she had learned about lash science to craft her own line of premium products - and the lash glue you’ll find here is no exception.

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