Lash Tech Accessories


      No salon is complete without a collection of lash extension tools to round out your arsenal. Some of your most important lash supplies are going to fall into this category.

      While lash technicians put a lot of focus on choosing the right mink lashes or eyelash glue, these accessories are crucial for helping you do your job right and keeping your products in tip-top shape.

      Whether you just need a stand for your tweezers or something to clean them with, or you want some mannequins to practice on in your spare time - there is something for you in this collection.

      What Exactly Are Eyelash Extension Accessories?

      Eyelash extension accessories aren’t your typical products you keep in your inventory - but they are equally as important.

      You spend a lot of money investing in the best eyelash extension tweezers or ProMade fans, so why not ensure you have the best products to maintain these?

      That’s one subsection of these accessories - they are products to help you maintain your tools, keeping everything in pristine condition and protecting your investment.

      However, there are also certain professional eyelash extension supplies that are vital to helping you improve your craft. For example - our mannequin heads allow you to practice new techniques before performing them on your clients. These are a must-have for any aspiring lash tech.

      Does Every Tech Need Lash Extension Supplies?

      If you’re just starting out and your clientele is limited, you may be wondering if you truly need all these accessories. We know you probably pay a ton of money in rent at your studio, and purchasing your initial batch of inventory isn’t necessarily cheap either.

      While you may be able to get by at first without certain accessories, we can confidently say you will eventually need to return for these. Sure - for now, allocate your funds towards the most important tools in your craft - the lash extensions you actually put on your clients, the adhesive, and the tweezers.

      But we do encourage you to at least grab a few of these accessories as your business grows. These items are designed to help make your work easier and more streamlined. For example our lash tiles or silicone pads allow you to keep your lashes more organized during appointments, while glue rings or jade stones are a necessity to hold your adhesive.

      If you want to be the best lash tech you can be - and we all know that you do - you need the best tools for the job from an lash extensions supply store.

      What Are The Most Essential Eyelash Extension Accessories?

      If you’re wondering which lash extension accessories you should start with, there are a few we’d recommend. However, this is largely going to depend on you and where exactly you’re at with your craft.

      Mannequins & Accessories To Practice Your Craft

      If you’re just getting started in this industry, you need to get your reps in. Practice makes perfect, and constantly honing in your technique on a mannequin is the best way to get started.

      You’ll feel far more confident when you have an actual client in front of you if you’ve put in the work on a mannequin.

      If you aren’t already aware, confidence is everything in this profession - if you don’t feel good about the work you do, it will show. Nobody wants a nervous lash tech working on them!

      We not only offer different types of mannequin heads for you to work your magic on, we also have replacement eyelids to keep them up to snuff.

      Pro Lash Supply: Tweezer Cleaners, Stands, & Cases

      Your eyelash tweezers might be the most important tool in your arsenal. When you’ve finally found that perfect pair of tweezers, you need to do everything you can to maintain them and ensure they stand the test of time.

      That involves routinely cleaning them and sterilizing them. This goes a long way not just in preserving the tools - but ensuring they’re safe to use on each and every client that steps into your salon.

      You also need to protect them when they aren’t in use. Don’t just leave them on your desk or tray. Instead, safely store them in a protective case or stand - both of which you’ll find here at PLA - your go-to lash supplier.

      Lash Tape

      It’s crucial that you protect your clients by using a foam eye pad or tape to cover their low eyelids and lower lashes. Special lash tape is often necessary to perform your work. There are different kinds for different jobs - including standard micropore surgical tape, microfoam tape, and even sensitive tape.

      You’ll need all of these in your arsenal, as each one has its place in your work.

      Other Essential Lash Tech Accessories

      We could list out individually every type of accessory out there, but we’d be here all day, and we know you have work to do.

      While the collections we mentioned above are some of the most important, they aren’t the only ones. There is an abundance of other cool accessories worth adding to your toolbox, including lash organizers, eyelash brush wands, scissors, mirrors, eye pads, and more!

      Why Paris Lash Academy Is The Best Eyelash Supply Store

      There is no secret about it - Paris Lash Academy is your one-stop-shop for all things lashes. There is a reason the leading lash techs around the world come back to us time and time again as the premier lash supply.

      Our founder, Michelle Nguyen, spent years perfecting her craft and was never satisfied with the selection of tools and materials available to lash techs like herself. So, she decided to do something about it!

      That’s how Paris Lash Academy came to be. By marrying eyelash science with her experience as a lash tech, she formulated her own line of products that have come to be known as the industry standard.

      From the eyelash extension accessories on this page to wholesale eyelashes, to the rest of our catalog, everything you’ll find here is sure to elevate your craft and leave your clients satisfied and ready to book their next appointment.