What Is Hydrogel?

So, you’ve mastered your lashing skills and can offer beautiful, full, voluminous lashes to your clients. Who says you should stop there? Whether you’re trying to grow your business or just want to expand your skillset, venturing into the world of hydrogel masks is a great way to provide a relaxing and beneficial service for your clients. We’re going to get into what hydrogel means, how it helps your clients, and why it’s a great addition to your service! 

What Is Hydrogel?

In a scientific context, hydrogel refers to a gel that can hold a large amount of liquid - up to 500 times its weight! Although hydrogel masks may be somewhat new to the beauty industry, hydrogel itself has had a long history in the medical field. Due to its super hydrating abilities, hydrogel has been used for wound dressing, since it both speeds up and cools down the injury. There have also been uses for hydrogel in tissue engineering and hygiene product manufacturing. With its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, hydrogel has quickly become a favorite amongst beauty professionals. 

What Are The Benefits of Hydrogel Masks?

Traditional sheet masks, usually made of paper or cotton that has been saturated with serum, deliver ingredients directly to the skin. While sheet masks can give skin a nourished, hydrated look, hydrogel masks take it to the next level. Once mixed with water, hydrogel masks have a thick, jelly-like texture that allows for deeper penetration and easier cleanup that paper sheet masks. 

Hydration, hydration, hydration. Hydrogel masks are amazing at locking in moisture, but why is having hydrated skin so important? When skin is dehydrated, all of the other issues one might have become worse. Wrinkles become more defined, lines more pronounced, and breakouts more frequent. Of course, the best way to stay hydrated is simply drinking water, but using hydrogel masks are an easy way to add just a touch more moisture for plump, youthful skin. Hydrogel masks often have specific added ingredients, like the cherry extract-infused PLA Cheer Up Cherie mask to enhance your complexion or the PLA Remember Your Roots mask with turmeric to keep your skin clear. 

Why Should Lash Artists Offer Hydrogel Services?

Lash artists, like all other beauty professionals, want to help their clients feel beautiful inside and out. Adding a skincare product into your repertoire can give your service that extra edge to set you apart from other artists. You can also charge clients anywhere from $20-$25 for a hydrogel mask application on top of your regular lash services! If you are able to give your clients beautiful lashes AND a glowing complexion, they are sure to stick around for a while and spread the word to their friends. Hydrogel masks have an easy application and cleanup, making them a perfect product to use while you’re lashing. 

How Do I Apply Hydrogel and Extensions at the Same Time?

You might be wondering how a lash artist would apply extensions and a hydrogel mask during the same appointment. Since hydrogel masks have very little cleanup, it’s actually quite simple. If you and your client decide to use a hydrogel mask, make sure you wash their lashes and face before application. You’ll also want to place your eyepads down before using the mask so you keep the delicate under eye area protected. 

Once you have prepped your client, it’s time to make and apply the mask. Just mix the powder with water and apply it to the client’s entire face using silicone instruments - it’s really that simple! You can get get all the tools you need for a hydrogel mask with the PLA Hydrogel Mask Kit. The mask will quickly begin to set into a jelly-like texture so there’s no problem if you accidentally touch it while lashing. After about 20 minutes you’ll be able to peel the entire mask off to reveal a glowing, hydrated complexion! Make sure you read through the detailed instructions of any hydrogel mask before use.

Ready to get into hydrogel masks? Check out our Hydrogel Mask Collection, with everything from aloe to gold to rose, so you can choose your favorite. Every variety comes in either a 100g or 900g package so you can have exactly how much you need. Or, try the PLA Hydrogel Sample Pack to get a little bit of everything! Whatever you choose, a hydrogel mask plus your expert lashing skills will be sure to leave your clients feeling refreshed, revived, and renewed! 

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