Power Couple: Supreme Bonder and Glue Support

We have a power couple to talk about today, and it is not Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. No, not Gabrielle Union and Dewayne Wade either. 

Say hello to our Supreme Bonder and Glue Support!

Glue Support

Our Glue Support is a great addition to your prep routine, as it can serve two roles: accelerator and primer.

  • The main role of Glue Support, as discussed in our video here, is to set up optimal conditions for the lash extensions to adhere, without drying out the natural lash of its natural oils. 
  • It helps the natural lashes maintain their natural pH and allows the glue to ‘grab’ the extension without much effort. This makes your job as the lash artist much easier! With the proper conditions, you’re set up for success each time you lash! 
  • However, Glue Support isn’t always necessary. Our product is best for clients with oily skin. 
  • Glue Support also shouldn’t be used with easy fanning lashes. It is best to use it with Classics or Volume lashes, 0.05 and 0.07.
  • Glue Support can be used in the priming stages of your prep routine, and it can also be used as an accelerator on the lash strip. If your humidity is in the lower range, adhesive naturally takes longer to cure in those conditions. Swiping a small amount of Glue Support along the base of the lash strip will help the extensions cure faster once dipped in adhesive. This step is most commonly used by advanced lash artists.
  • Like any product, improper use can lead to issues, so please take a moment to read our instructions below and be sure to watch our tutorials on Glue Support: Part 1 and Part 2.

How to Use as a Primer:

  1. Cleanse lashes, then thoroughly rinse and dry
  2. Apply a small amount of the product onto two clean micro-brushes.  Do not oversaturate!
  3. Apply to all areas where lash will be applied. Careful not to get on skin!
  4. Allow to dry for two minutes before application process
  5. Proceed as normal with lash application.

How to Use as Accelerator:

  1. Wet a microbrush with a small amount of product
  2. Remove excess on a clean towel
  3. Rub onto working section of the lash tray (the base of the lashes on the strip) The product should barely be visible
  4. Allow to dry
  5. Proceed to make fans and dip in glue

Supreme Bonder

We all know most eyelash adhesives on today’s market cure in the presence of water by creating polymer chains. To speed up this process, lash artists today have bonder!

  • Bonders are designed to immediately cure the adhesive from outside to inside of the bond. 
  • Based on this process, there are minimal to zero fumes created from the offset of the curing process. 
  • A good bonder can actually replace your nano mister altogether.
  • The ingredients in our Supreme Bbonder help with improved elasticity, or flexibility, of cured adhesive. 
  • Cured adhesive, specifically speaking, Cyanoacrylate, is typically brittle in its dried form. The ingredients in our bonder creates something called a flexible solid.
  • Bonder significantly reduces eye irritation by immediately curing the adhesive which decreases the fumes from the curing process.
  • Improper use can weaken the bond, such as over-saturating, so be sure you watch our tutorial on how to use it correctly!

Quick Tips on How To Apply:

  1. After the final lash extension has been applied, wait 2-3 minutes before applying bonder.
  2. After this time, use a microbrush to apply a small amount of bonder to the adhesive joint. Do not oversaturate. 
  3. Most importantly, let it sit for another two minutes before the client opens their eyes. Do not use a mister or your fan with Supreme Bonder.

What Makes These A Dynamic Duo?

With the Glue Support’s ability to help adhesion to the lash, and the Supreme Bonder’s ability to cure the lash almost instantly, with proper application your lash extensions are set up for success! Both of these products help eliminate common issues: oily clients having poor retention, lashes not ‘grabbing’ the natural lash, nano misters only initiating the curing process but having to let the lash cure over extended time, etc.

So you end your service with a bond as strong as Blake and Ryan.

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