PLA In Person Classes 2022

We are so excited to be bringing back our in-person lash extension classes! Starting March 2022 we will be hosting a monthly Classic and Volume Lash Extension Course at our headquarters in Reno, Nevada! Our class is great for beginner lash artists, and is also a great refresher course! By completing our lash tech classes you will earn two certifications — Classic and Volume! You must be a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist if your state requires you to be in order to attend.

Here at PLA, we believe that education should be accessible to all. Because of this, all PLA in-person lash certification classes are free to attend and students are selected through our PLA Scholarship Program. The selection process is randomized for equal opportunity. Please do not apply if you have been lashing for more than 3 years.

Each Class Includes

  • 3 days of learning with CEO Michelle Nguyen and the PLA Education Team
  • Continued support from the PLA team after class
  • Lash Kit (valued at $420)
  • Welcome Kit
  • 2 certifications for Classic and Volume

Requirements for Selection

  • Complete the PLA Scholarship Application
  • Pay Host fee of $305, which covers the PLA Classic and Volume Kit ($420 value) and lunch daily.
  • Must be able to pay for travel and accommodation.

Below you will find the applications to the first three lash extensions classes of 2022. Please feel welcome to apply to all three, as the selection process is random. Please note if you are selected, we will follow up with details. Host fee must be paid 30 days prior to the selected class.

PLA Scholarship Application Links

What to expect from a PLA Class

PLA In Person Classes

Our 3-day course is held right in our PLA Headquarters in Reno, Nevada. Our team of educators focuses on the lashing basics and fundamental that are often overlooked in lash classes. Our class is limited to 10 attendees, allowing our team to be available to each student. Our intimate classes provide the perfect environment for learning.

During day one, we cover lash facts, adhesive, meeting with your clients, and so much more. Our course is designed to build your foundation of lash knowledge.

After we cover fundamentals, day two dives straight into Classic Lashes. From isolation and placement to mapping, we teach you the basics in order for you to start your lashing career. During day two our students work hands on with models to complete a full set alongside our educator team so we can provide direct feedback and critique and teach as you lash!

Our third and final day starts with a brief coverage of Hybrid Lashes, then we dive straight into Volume Lashes. The Volume Lashing portion of our course dives deep into the fundamentals of volume fans. From keeping your clients natural lashes healthy, to dipping a fan, we have you covered. We will also cover in depth on how to make your own fans, which is a skill many new lash artists struggle with. During our second day, we have our students do a second model with our team again, to ensure that you can test your new knowledge in action!

Throughout the three days, you have access to ask our team of professional lash artists to get information on anything you need. The benefit of our course is that you’re learning straight from PLA Founder and CEO Michelle Nguyen. We’re here to assist you launch your career or just learn more about the science that is lashing. 

We can't wait to see you at our next class!

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