Photo Taking Tips For Your Lash Business

We know you can lash like a pro, but are you presenting your hard work in a way that truly shows it off? Taking professional photos of your lash sets is the best way to spread the word about your lash business and let potential clients see your lashing skills! And it’s not as hard as you might think — take a look at why we think it’s crucial to take high quality photos of your work and how to get the best results!

Why Should You Put Extra Effort Into Your Lash Photos?

Taking the time to learn some basic photography skills is a crucial aspect of running a successful lash business. Here’s just a few reasons why we recommend that you put the effort into taking high quality photos of your work!

Show Off Your Hard Work: We understand the time and energy that goes into a lash set. Don’t let all that go to waste! High quality photos accurately represent your skills and expertise as a lash tech, and showcase the intricate details of your work.

Marketing and Networking: There’s no better way to market your business than with amazing photos. They attract attention on social media, thereby increasing your brand visibility and bringing in more clients than ever. And not only clients — other brands and influencers are much more likely to take you seriously if your photos are professional. 

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Education and Client Satisfaction: Your clients will appreciate being able to see your work ahead of time! This allows them to determine the lash style they want before they come to see you, giving you more time to lash during your appointments. There will also be fewer misunderstandings about the set after the fact, which will help increase your client satisfaction and loyalty!

As you can see, there are a ton of reasons to invest in your photography skills. Capturing high-quality photos is essential for building a strong brand, attracting clients, and ultimately growing a successful lash business.

Let’s get into how to take stunning photos of your lash sets!

Tips For Taking Good Photos For Your Lash Business

Here are our best lash business tips to help you rise above the pack! Taking clear, sharp photos of your lash sets will allow clients to see your work easily and book even more quickly!

Use The Right Equipment

Just as you learned to work with and understand your lashing tools, you can spend a little time researching how to use your photography equipment! And don’t think you need to go out and buy a bunch of expensive cameras or lights — you can most likely just use the phone you already have! Make sure your phone camera is super close to your client, and tap on the screen to focus the camera on the lashes and eyes. 

One of our favorite tools for taking high quality photos with your phone is a macro lens. This is a fairly inexpensive product that helps your phone camera take crisp, sharp photos of very small subjects. Plus, they can light up your client’s face and eyes so you can take perfectly lit photos every time. In other words, it’s great for close-up photography. And that’s exactly what you’ll have to do to capture a lash set! 

Set The Scene

One of the simplest ways to increase the professionalism of your photos is to take them with the correct background! Make sure to clear away any trash, discarded lashes, old adhesive, or other random items that would otherwise clutter your photo. You want the focus to be on the lashes, not the other stuff in your workspace. You might want to have a dedicated backdrop or wall that is clean, simple, and aesthetically pleasing — that way all of your photos will look consistent! 

Learn Basic Editing Skills

We’re sure your work is good enough to stand alone, but a little bit of tasteful editing can help your photos stand out and look even more professional.

When we say editing, we mean more enhancing, rather than changing or deceiving. You don’t want to edit your photos in a way that misleads your clients. Enhancing your photos can involve brightening them, removing any stray lashes you forgot to clear away, or removing any slight imperfections that might distract from your lash set. That way, the focus is on your gorgeous lash set, rather than any small distractions.

Create Compelling Posts

Aside from the photo itself, your social media posts also give you the opportunity to include information about the lash set, your work, and your business. The quality of your photos can be reinforced by adding educational captions, details about how you created the set, and even a little bit about your personal life. People love to support other people, rather than businesses, so including extra tidbits about yourself or your work helps you connect with your audience and potential clients. While your work can speak for itself in a photo, the added touches you put in will help set you apart from the competition (check out our blog for even more tips about standing out from your competitors!). 

Get Lash Business Tips From PLA

To wrap up, we cannot overstate the importance of taking high quality photos of your work. These photos are powerful marketing tools, educational resources, and representations of your skill level. By investing time into capturing your work professionally, you can elevate your brand, attract new clients, and solidify your position in the lash industry. So good luck and happy lashing!

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