Our Rebrand: Paris Lash Academy Is Changing To PLA!

Why We’re Changing Our Name To PLA

NOTE: For our customers in Canada, nothing has changed. We launched our Canadian site the same day we changed our domain for our US site, so you'll still head over to PLApro.ca for all your lash supply and nail supply needs. 

To read on about our story and why we made this change, see our explanation below!

When Paris Lash Academy launched in 2018, we built a store full of products specifically for professional lash artists, so we could be your premium lash supplier for all your business needs, including wholesale eyelashes. In 2021, we expanded for our esthetician customers to include more product lines, including lash lifts, brow laminations, henna brows, and hydrogel masks. In 2022, we brought in a beautiful nail collection for professional nail technicians to offer gel nail polishnail tools and wholesale nail supplies as well.

We love to talk about how we grew so fast. Online lash forums such as Facebook Groups, including our own Lash Queens, had many recommendations of PLA for lash artists. Not Paris Lash Academy, but PLA. In 2021 we received our new logo, and began printing it on our products.

PLA Logo

PLA has evolved so much in such a short amount of time. It is wild to think that less than five years ago, PLA existed in Michelle’s garage with just her and her dad packing orders. Within five years we have grown from a two-person staff to over 50! As mentioned, our product line has grown from five products to over 5,000! Just take a look at our full timeline below from Michelle:

PLA Timeline First Half

PLA Timeline Second Half

As we expand to offer more products for professional cosmetologists, manicurists and estheticians, Paris Lash Academy will not always resonate with each of our customers. Because of this, our new brand name is officially PLA and our website domain will be PLApro.com.

How This May Affect You:

Our current customers will experience little change with our name and domain change. Products are not changing, as most PLA packaging already has our PLA company logo. The most immediate change you will see is the change in our website domain. You will see yet another new logo reflecting the name PLApro soon on our socials, but for now you’ll still see just PLA on our packaging until further notice. 

If you need to reach out to the PLA customer service team, in the future you will need to contact sales@plapro.com. Any marketing messages you have subscribed to will also come from sales@plapro.com.

How Will PLApro Affect PLA’s Lash Classes

Our passion has always been to provide lash certification classes and education for all. Our online lash extension courses will continue to be available at PLATraining.com, and our in-person training will continue to be held at the PLA headquarters in Reno, Nevada. While our name change no longer contains “Lash Academy” there will never be a time that PLA is not passionate about lash extension classes.

What About Paris Pays Your Bills, PLA Choice, Brand Partnerships, Private Label, Lash Educator Kits & Retail Partners?

The only difference these users and customers will see is our domain and name change. It shouldn’t affect how you enter Paris Pays Your Bills and PLA Choice customers can still sign up on our website at PLApro.com. If you enter ParisLashAcademy.com, you will be redirected to the new domain. All our current PLA Choice members will be carried over into the new domain, and you’ll be seeing first access emails for sales and promotions from our new email address. 

Brand Partners will be in coordination with our marketing team for branding changes. 

Private Label should be unaffected – the only difference you’ll see is our domain change and our new email address.  

Lash Educator kits should already have our PLA name on them. Moving forward, you may see PLApro, but that should be the only change. Our products will still be the ones you know and love. 

Retail Partners will also be in coordination with our marketing team for any branding changes.

What About Our Social Profiles?

Here’s where you’ll be able to find us on our socials. Some of our handles have already changed, and others will not be changing due to the sheer amount of followers we have. We don’t want to confuse anybody and like we said, these changes will take some time. We may or may not change all of our handles eventually, but you’ll be in the know for when that will occur. For now, this is how things will look. You can check back to this blog for our future changes and we'll be sure to announce any future changes on our social profiles ahead of time so you know in advance.

Lashes Facebook Page: @ParisLashAcademy

Nails Facebook Page: @pla.nailsupplies

Lashes Instagram: @parislashacademy

Nails Instagram: @pla_nails

Lashes Tik Tok: @parislashacademy

Nails Tik Tok: @pla.nails

YouTube: @ParisLashAcademy

Pinterest: @parislashacademy

Twitter: @PLApro_

LinkedIn: PLA Beauty Inc.

What About Our App?

There shouldn’t be any changes to the PLA app except our name. You can still download it in the Apple Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for others.

Be Sure To Mark Your Calendars For July 10th!

The official change will take place July 10th, 2023. We are so excited to move forward in our business as PLA. Thank you for supporting us in our journey.

PLA Pro New Domain Name

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