How To Create Wispy Lash Extensions Sets With PLA ProMades

Wispy lashes have been an integral part of the lashing world for a while now — and for good reason. They are beautifully textured and easily customizable, resulting in a fluffy and flattering final product. 

We love wispy sets here at PLA, and we are proud to offer a wide range of products to help lash artists create stunning sets. We want to give you all a little more information about how to use our Wispy ProMade fans for your next wispy set!

What Are Wispy Lash Extensions?

Chances are you already know what wispy lashes are. For those who don’t, here’s a quick reminder.

A wispy set is made up of a mixture of different diameters, lengths, and sometimes curls to create a highly textured look. There are usually three layers — spike, transition, and base — that help the set stay textured while still appearing organized and structured. Without diving too deeply into the structure of a wispy set, here’s a quick overview of these layers. 

Spike Layer

Spikes, or closed fans, are made from individual extensions that are completely held together from the base to the tip. Spikes are placed first, usually spaced out about every 2.5mm to 5mm along the lash line. 

Transition Layer

After the spikes are placed, the transition layer is added to keep the set from appearing too choppy. Try placing these fans right next to the spikes for extra support.

Base Layer

Finally, the base layer is applied to the remaining lashes!

This does not necessarily have to be followed religiously. Different types of lashes will get you different results! For example, our Wispy ProMades technically have a transition layer built right in, and adding more fans for a specific transition layer might not be necessary. Definitely play around with your wispy sets. Lashing is an art form and should be unique to your style!

If this is all brand new to you, we recommend checking out our online lash classes about Wet, Wispy, and Strip Lash Styling for a comprehensive guide to all things wispy.

PLA Wispy ProMade Options

Wispy sets might seem a little daunting at first, as there are multiple ways to create them. But rest assured, PLA has your back. 

Regular spikes can either be made by brushing glue support through volume lashes or if you struggle to make spikes, we do sell 5D ProMades Spikes.

This set below was created with 6D ProMades mixed with our 5D ProMade Spikes:

ProMade Spikes

Our wide range of Wispy ProMade Fans makes it so simple to build a gorgeous wispy set, as they are a combination of a regular ProMade fans and spikes! Each ProMade includes base fans that are 3mm shorter than the built-in spike. These are available in 5D, 7D, 9D or 11D. You can use these by themselves in a lash set, or mix with other ProMades such as our Bold Collection.

Here's a 5D Wispy ProMade in action:

Wispy ProMade Fan

We are also excited to announce our new Double and Triple Spike ProMades! Like the names imply, these fans are like our Wispy ProMades but also have either two or three spikes each. You’ll be able to create wispy sets with even more texture and coverage!

How to Create A Wispy Set with PLA ProMade Lashes

A wispy set is defined by its spikes. The spikes will set it apart from other types of lashing, no matter what map you choose. You can modify wispy sets by using more or fewer spikes, or different types of spikes as well. 

You can either place these spikes individually, or you can try using ProMade fans with built in spikes! Let’s go through a few options to consider when creating a wispy set.

Spike ProMades

For a standard wispy set using traditional spike lashes, you will also need to include a base and a transition layer. Whether you use ProMades or make the lash spikes yourself, these are usually applied on the top layer of natural lashes and then followed by the transition and base layers.

Wispy ProMade Lash Fans

These textured fans make wispy sets so simple! Our recommended technique is to separate the natural lashes into two layers using eyepads (check out the video we made demonstrating this), and fill in the top layer with these ProMades. Then fill in the bottom layer with fans of your choice! 

Double and Triple Spike ProMades

Using Double or Triple Spike ProMades gives you more freedom to create a custom wispy set. Since they are larger and provide more coverage on their own, you don’t necessarily need to have both a transition and base layer. We’ve been posting a lot about these fans lately, so check out our social media for more tips and tricks about using them to create wispy sets.

Want More Wispy Lash Extensions?

No matter how you choose to execute it, a wispy set is always a stunning choice. And now with our range of Wispy ProMades and our Double and Triple Spike ProMades, wispy sets are easier than ever!

Has all this wispy talk got you excited to learn more? Fortunately, PLA is all about wispy lashes and spikes right now! Head over to our Instagram and TikTok pages for more educational content about wispy lashes.

As always, we’re here to help our fellow lash artists in every step of their career! Happy lashing, everyone!

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