How to Apply Fake Eyelashes With Glue

Being a lash enthusiast, it would be pretty shameful not knowing how to apply fake eyelashes. We have clients that want extensions, of course, but it’s not uncommon for lash artists to offer placing falsies for a small fee, for either our lash lift and tint clients, or even just to do for events.

Placing falsies is definitely a task that takes practice and consistent work. You could be the Vincent Van Gogh of eyeliner and the Bob Ross of eyeshadow, but false eyelashes can possibly be your downfall. But don’t worry, we got your back. Let’s get started.

How do you apply fake eyelashes?

Step 1: Prep your lash supplies.

You can’t practice if you don’t have your army of lash supplies. You’re going to need lash adhesive, your lash strips, and possibly tweezers. Do not, I repeat, do NOT buy expensive fake eyelashes for your practice.

There is no need to give your bank account a heart attack after buying so many fake lashes simply to practice. Same applies to lash adhesive; though, lash adhesive will last you longer so don’t be TOO stingy. Tweezers aren’t a necessity, but for beginners it will be easier for you to work with as opposed to your fingers. One day you’ll graduate to tweezer-free application, I promise!

Step 2: Trim each of your false eyelashes to fit your eye length.

Measure the lash strip against your actual lash line and trim off the excess. Be sure to mark where you need to cut it and not do it while it’s against your lash line. 

#PLAQuickTip: save the excess false lash you cut to later stack on top of the lash strip for the bottom corner; this will add a volume effect for drama!

Step 3: Apply your lash glue.

Do not just glob lash glue on and instantly put it on your eyelid. Here’s what you need to do: gently apply a generous amount onto the fake lash strip, wait, let it dry a little (about 15 seconds) allowing the adhesive to get a bit tacky. While you’re waiting, bend the false eyelash to let the adhesive move its way around the strip, keeping the strip flexible.

Step 4: Apply your false eyelashes.

Alright, it’s time. The hard part. You’re going to put the false lashes onto your lash line close enough as close to the top of your natural lashes. Looking down at a mirror will really help you visualize where you need to place the lash strip. Also, don’t close your eyes when applying. Your eye shape will change when closed so be sure to keep your eyes open.

Use eyeliner to perfect the lash look.

This part is just a helpful tip, you don’t need to do this step if you’re confident in how your lash strip looks. However, if you do want to, take your favorite liquid eyeliner and draw a line extending from the inner corner of your eye to the end of your lash strip. Or if you live for drama, go for that killer winged eyeliner effect.

How long do fake lashes stay on with glue?

Now that you’ve mastered false eyelashes, you’re ready to take on the world. Having lash strips on really does boost your overall look and make every woman/man look incredible. However long it takes you to glue these babies on, you’ve got to keep practicing in order to be happy with how they turn out. False lashes usually stay on for an entire day with glue but will start to degrade after about 4-5 wearings.

Should I sell falsies as a lash artist?

Ok, so we are a lash extension company, we don’t sell false lash strips, but many lash artists do! It’s so common for lash artists to make extra money by making their own false lash strips, or again, offer application services for girls going to prom or a special event. We also have had instances where clients that remove their extensions want to wear falsies as they transition back to the natural look.

Please keep in mind, if you currently have lash extensions applied, you should never apply falsies on top of them! They can ruin your lash extensions.

No matter why you need to know how to apply false lashes, it’s important to gain the skill so you can easily apply it to yourself, or others!

Have fun lashing, babes!

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