Classic Lashes Are Out: Alternatives For Natural Lash Looks

We’re not afraid to say it — we think classic lashes are fading in the lashing world. That’s not to say you should trash all your classic lash extensions and start to offer only volume sets! We just mean that this year, we’ve noticed a decrease in only classic set lashes.

That’s not to say that natural lash looks are totally done! Actually, we’re seeing more and more natural lash sets in 2024 than ever before! But how can we be seeing classic lashes fade with the rise of natural looks?

That’s because there are a lot of lash options in between classic and volume! Lashes have come a long way in the last few years, and there are a ton of varieties that can give a natural look that classic lashes do. In this blog, we’ll go over why we’re predicting a decrease in standard classic lash sets and what we recommend as great alternatives.

Remember that this is just our opinion. While we are discontinuing our standard classic lash trays, we still have flat lashes to satisfy you!

Hot Take: Classic Lash Set Is On Its Way Out

Classic lashes have been around forever. They are a staple in the industry and are usually the first lashing technique new artists learn. However, their popularity has been fading.

While classic lashes will always have a place in the lashing world, they do have some limitations. When you do a classic full set of lashes, you don’t have the freedom to make fans to cover up gaps in the lash line or camouflage twisted lashes. 

A classic lash tends to have a weaker base than other options. Regular classic lashes have round bases, which make it harder to adhere them to the natural lash. That’s why even though we’re discontinuing our regular classic lash trays, we still offer flat lashes — these have flat bases that stick to natural lashes better.

Then there’s the topic of classic vs hybrid lashes. A hybrid lash set uses a mixture of classic and volume lash extensions to create a set that is somewhere in the middle. They have a bit more texture and fluff than regular classic sets without the heaviness and darkness of a full volume lash set. Hybrid lashes are a great option for lash techs who are seeing a decline in classic clients but don’t want to fully transition to volume.

So when you compare traditional classic lashes to flat lash extensions, ProMade lash fans, and hybrid lashes, you start to see how their structure isn’t the best for lashing. Let’s discuss what your alternatives are for creating sets that look classic but have more versatility and better structure.

Options For Updated Classic Set Lash Extensions

We still love a classic lash set! Not everyone wants volume or mega volume lash extensions, so the classic look isn’t going anywhere. However, there are updated lash options for artists who want to offer classic in the modern lashing industry. Here are our favorite lash varieties for creating lash looks that appear like classics, but are even better!

YY Lashes and W Lashes

YY lash extensions and W lash extensions are a great jumping off point for lash techs looking for an updated classic option. These lashes each have a split tip, breaking off into either 2 or 3 lashes. They are absolutely perfect for adding just a hint of texture to a set without too much extra weight. They can also cover small gaps in the lashes that standard classic lashes can not.

Fairy Lashes

If you want to add some spikiness to your classic sets, fairy lash extensions should be your go to! These beautiful lashes are technically 2D fans with a spike right down the middle. Fairy lashes allow you to recreate trendy looks, and mix amazingly well with YY lashes for even more texture. 

Clover Lashes

These 4D fans are a great option for creating hybrid lash sets, or even transitioning to light volume. They add a tiny bit of fluff to a standard set, and their straight, flat bases allow for flush application and solid retention. Plus, clover lash extensions can be priced as hybrid or light volume on your lash menu!

Wet Set Lashes

Created and designed by PLA President Lana Nguyen, our Wet Set ProMade fans are one of our absolute favorite lash varieties. While similar to spikes, these lashes have no adhesive at the base, allowing you to wrap them around the natural lash and achieve even stronger retention than ever. Our Wet lash extensions are perfect for recreating a trendy wet lash look, or can be a great option to mix in with other lashes for an added pop!

Plus, they are available as brown lashes for an even more natural look!

The Classics Never Truly Die – Stay On Top Of The Trends With PLA

As mentioned, we’re not saying that classic lashes are gone for good. We’ve just noticed a decrease in traditional classic lash sets, and we can understand why. But classic lash extensions are called that for a reason — they’ll always be an option! There are simply better ways to create classic sets now, and we think they’ve made classic lashing easier and more beautiful than ever.

We’re always working on new, innovative products to make your lashing experience smoother! Stay tuned to our social media so you never miss new product launches and announcements. Happy lashing, everyone!

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