Bonder VS Nano Mister

“It burns!” is something we as lash artists never want to hear. We want our clients’ experiences to be wonderful and relaxing! Having a burning sensation when they first open their eyes is not appealing.

So what do we do? Fan. Dry. Mist. Cross our fingers?

As trained lash artists, we know that lash adhesive needs the presence of water to start the curing process. To speed up this process and ensure our clients are comfortable, we have the tools available to do so!

But, the question is, which item do we use and which is most effective?

Let’s break down the difference between the infamous nano mister and bonder.

Nano Mister For Lashing

A nano mister is most likely what you were taught to use in your training course. Most techs are trained to mist the lashes with the nano mister at the end of their service.

What’s Its Purpose?

A nano mister is designed to mist water across the extensions to reduce fumes and irritation. Plus, it just feels relaxing and satisfying, right? However, a nano mister only initiates the curing of the bond, and it still takes time for the adhesive to fully cure.

The environment also plays a huge factor as to how quickly the curation process starts and how long it will take to fully reach the point of being a fully cured adhesive.

How Effective Is It?

Have you had a client open, after using your mister, and still have irritation or burning? Unfortunately, this is very common and this is due to the nano mister only being able to reach certain areas. When we mist across the eye, the water droplets don’t necessarily reach all of the bonds. 

This leads to the notorious, “it burns.”

Lash Extension Bonder

Bonders are becoming a lot more popular in the daily lash routine. While it is typically used by more advanced artists, more and more lash artists are learning the proper way to incorporate this product.

Why Use A Bonder?

Bonder is formulated to immediately cure the lash adhesive! Unlike the mister that starts the curation process, bonder instantly cures the bond from the outside to the inside. Due to this speedy process, a client will experience zero to minimal irritation from fumes.

Another added bonus: bonder can completely replace your nano mister! Bonder is a one-man-show and will be all you need to complete your set.

Here is a breakdown of how to properly use bonder. You can also click here to watch a quick TikTok on how to use our PLA Supreme Bonder.

Step One: Wait two minutes after placing your final lash before applying bonder.

Step Two: Place a droplet of bonder into your glue ring or glue well.

PLA Pro Tip: We recommend that you do not squeeze the bonder directly onto your microfiber brush or wand to prevent oversaturation.

Step Three: Take a clean microfiber brush (one per eye) and dab it into the bonder. You only need a tiny amount!

Step Four: Dab off excess onto a clean towel or cloth. A little bonder goes a long way!

Step Five: Ensuring the client’s eye is closed, gently swipe bonder across the extensions focusing only on the adhesive joint. Allow this to set for two minutes after application. No misting or fanning required! Voila!

So, which one will you use? Let’s do a quick recap of the pros for each:


Nano Mister

  • Immediately Cures
  • Speeds Up Cure Time
  • Zero to Minimal Irritation
  • Soothing to the Client
  • Replaces Nano Mister
  • Reduces Irritation


And the cons for each:


Nano Mister

  • Improper Use Can Weaken Bond
  • Cannot Reach All Bonds
  • Oversaturation
  • Can Harden Bond
  • Unit Must Be Cleaned Frequently


We hope this breakdown of the two helps you grow as an artist! You can grab either of these items at our lash extension supply store:

Happy Lashing, Queens and Kings! 

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