Beauty Events To Grow Your Business Network in 2023

Lash Events Or Nail Events – Come Hang Out With Us In 2023!

Investing in your own personal and business growth is a crucial step in becoming successful in any field — and our field is no different! A great way to do that is by attending networking events and beauty industry conferences where you can interact with your fellow professionals. You’ll be able to learn new tips and tricks, teach others what you already know, and make important connections that can help you advance your own career.

We’ve compiled a quick list of some of the upcoming 2023 beauty conferences you won’t want to miss! And make sure to keep an eye out below — we might even be attending some of these!

Beauty Conferences 2023: Networking For The Win!

Lash Conferences with PLA - LashCon 2022 Welcome Party

Premiere Orlando - June 3-5 2023

Premiere Orlando is a huge beauty show that spans everything from continuing education to company exhibitions, with experts in hair, nails, lashes, and more! Attendees are required to be licensed beauty professionals—this is truly an event for those who want to learn from the best by interacting with others who share their passion.


Why are we going? Well, we are thrilled to say that Michelle will be speaking at the LASHCONference Extension (hosted by LashCast)! Her “Wispy, Wet, and Strip Lash Styling” seminar will cover this hot trend, including mapping, tips, and a live demo. Come learn how to recreate these trendy styles from Michelle herself — and receive a swag bag worth up to $200! You'll also receive a certificate of attendance. 

Learn more about this professional beauty conference here.

IBS Las Vegas - June 24-26 2023


Beauty Conference with PLA Beauty - IBS Las Vegas 2022

IBS has always been an experiential event that empowers and activates a deep passion within beauty professionals. 

IBS Las Vegas continues to be the most engaging and memorable place for beauty pros and suppliers to connect and get business done. There's truly no replacement for face-to-face interactions, exploring and purchasing products and tools in person, and connecting with your industry.


PLA is so excited to announce we will have a booth at IBS Las Vegas! We are bringing our team down to connect with beauty professionals and let both nail and lash professionals test and see our products first hand. You won’t want to miss our booth at IBS!

Learn more about this beauty supply conference here, or follow its Instagram here.

LashFest - Dallas - July 15-16 2023

LashFest - Toronto - September 16-17 2023

When it comes to your lash business, we’ve got the same question you have for your clients: are you ready for new lengths?

Advance your lash business and artistry with industry experts at this 2-day LIVE event.

Step into your role as the visionary for your business and learn how to attract dreamy, high paying clients, build multiple venue streams, and all with a whole heap of new business besties. 


We’re coming back to Texas AGAIN! We can’t wait for LashFest Dallas! The lineup of speakers is incredible and we can’t wait to connect and network with lash industry leaders! Oh, and Michelle and Caitlin are both speaking at a private Q&A session for VIP ticket holders. Come ask us all of your burning business questions—we can’t wait to see you!


PLA is a sponsor of the LashFest Dallas.  We do not profit or earn commission from any tickets purchased. We will have staff in attendance, and hope that if you see this and are going, you'll come say hello to us!

Check out more about this lash conference here, or follow its Instagram here

Utah Nail Expo - September 23 2023

As the largest nails-only trade show, the Utah Nail Expo is jam-packed with nail experts, vendors, competitions, and classes. With nail companies from all over the US and Canada offering you a glimpse of their latest products and how to recreate the hottest trends, there’s no limit to what you can learn.

Don’t miss out on the optional hands-on classes available the day before on Friday the 22nd!


Since launching our nail line, PLA Nails, we have been so excited watching it grow! That’s why we have our very own booth at the Utah Nail Expo. We’re staying on top of the latest nail trends and networking with other nail professionals — we hope you’ll join us!

Learn more about this nail conference here.

LashCon - October 14-16 2023

Beauty Events with PLA Beauty Inc. - LashCon 2022

This is the only business-focused lash conference (as opposed to technique) in the world where you'll learn how to better run and market your business in a more efficient and effective way! There are many lash conferences out there that will teach you lash techniques, but this is the only one focused on helping you to learn what you need to know to grow your business. 


Better question – why wouldn’t we be going?! The PLA Team had the best time at LashCon 2022, and we are so excited to come back for our second year! The LashConference was such an eye opening experience for the PLA team. Getting to meet our customers, connect with lash artists that are changing the industry. It truly was amazing. We cannot wait for LashCon! We’re counting down the days!

P.S. We’re speaking here as well! We are so excited and can’t wait to see you all!

PLA is a vendor and sponsor at The LashConference. We do not profit or earn commission from any tickets purchased. We will have staff in attendance, and hope that if you see this and are going, you'll come say hello to us!

For more information on this lash event, please visit its website here or its Instagram here

Virtual Events

We understand that not everyone can take time off or afford these events. It is definitely a privilege to be able to travel and work around busy schedules! That’s why many of these events also record and even stream their speakers and panels. Education should be available to everyone, so be sure to take a look into a virtual conference or two as well. 

Business Write-Offs

The bright side is that many of these costs can be written off as business expenses! Expenses like travel costs, accommodations, and some meals can be considered write-offs and are tax-deductible. Be sure to check your circumstances specifically, but you’d be surprised how many business travel expenses can be written off!

Beauty Event with PLA -- LashCon 2022

We are so excited to attend these amazing events and hopefully see a bunch of you as well!

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