8 Lash Myths Debunked

Hi, Lash Kings and Queens! With lash extensions becoming a popular trend, there are so many questions, but many are answered with a lot of misinformation! You have probably heard them all but what is the truth? Today, we are going to debunk 8 common lash myths!

1. Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin My Natural Lashes?

Answer: No!

Explanation: When eyelash extensions are applied correctly, they will not compromise the integrity of your natural lashes. When the artist applies it properly, the extension will grow out with your natural lash through the growth cycle, or be removed as an ‘outgrown’ at a fill then replaced with a new extension. They will shed out when the natural lash is ready to shed. This process is very similar to how our nails grow out and the hair on our heads. The only time an eyelash extension can cause damage is if it is applied incorrectly, such as too heavy of an extension or if applied as cluster lashes.  

2. Can I Wear Makeup with Eyelash Extensions?

Answer: Yes!

Explanation: This is a hot topic in the lash community! You can wear makeup when you have eyelash extensions, but the makeup products need to be oil-free! We recommend that you stay away from oil-proof and waterproof products such as waterproof mascara or eyeliner. Another tip would be not to wear certain products on the lower lash line because when we blink, the product can transfer to the top lash line right where there is extension adhesive. There are some professional brands that offer eyelash extension safe makeup products which we recommend over alternative options. Overall, it is best to practice avoiding certain products around the eye area to extend the longevity of your eyelashProlong Cleanser extensions. We highly recommend following proper aftercare if you choose to wear makeup near your eyes. Clean lashes are happy lashes and will last you the longest! 

3. Do I Need to Take a Break from Eyelash Extensions?

Answer: No!

Explanation: Generally speaking, you do not ever need to take a break from getting eyelash extensions. However, if your tech notices anything that would cause you to need a break, please follow their advice and instructions. Since eyelash extensions grow out with our natural lashes and are taken off at a fill to be replaced with a new extension, your natural lashes are kept healthy and will continue to regenerate. This means you never need to take a break! Properly placed eyelash extensions will cause no damage to your natural lashes and you can enjoy them for as long as you please! 

To all of our lovely lash artists out there, to maintain this process, be sure you are only lashing the healthy lashes. Lashing a baby lash can weigh it down and stunt the growth. Always keep the client's health as your first priority! 

4. Can I Get My Eyelash Extensions Wet?

Answer: Yes!

Explanation: This is one of the most popular questions asked in the eyelash extension community and is definitely one of the biggest myths out there! But the truth is, YES, you can absolutely get your eyelash extensions wet. We are supposed to clean our eyelashes which, of course, requires water. Eyelash extension adhesive has significantly changed over the past decade and most of the adhesives on the market are now waterproof and oil proof. Lash techs are taught to enforce proper aftercare and clients should be cleaning their lashes and rinsing with water.

5. Can I Work Out with Eyelash Extensions?

Answer: Yes!

Explanation: You can definitely work out with your extensions on. We highly recommend waiting eight hours after you get your fill or full set. This allows the eyelash adhesive to fully cure your natural lash and not be impacted by a high humidity atmosphere, such as a steam room or sauna. You also want to avoid sweat from lingering on the extensions, so it is best to clean your lashes immediately after a heavy workout. Following proper aftercare is best and will extend the retention of your eyelash extensions. Get your sweat on!

6. Do Eyelash Extensions Feel Heavy or Weigh Down My Natural Lashes?

Answer: No!

Explanation: We, of course, want our clients to be comfortable wearing their extensions. When eyelash extensions are applied properly, typically you can barely feel them. The lash fibers are so thin that they are basically weightless. The lash artist's job is to observe the client’s natural lashes and apply the correct eyelash extensions for that individual. They need to check the diameter, curl, length, etc., to determine which lashes will be most suitable for the client. 

Oftentimes when they feel uncomfortable, it is due to the lashes being too heavy or too long for the natural lash to hold. This can cause them to feel weighed down or to twist downward and not stay upright. If you are a client and you experience this, please reach out to your technician to discuss the situation and make adjustments to your set.

7. Are Eyelash Extensions Unhealthy? Do They Cause Infections?

Answer: No!

Explanation: Eyelash extensions are not unhealthy and do not cause infections. The myth is that they themselves are the issue, however, it truly resides in the aftercare routine. 

Are lash mites real? Yes.

Are yeast infections on the eyelid real? Yes.

Are bacterial infections by the eye real? Yes!

Eyelash extensions do not cause these. Anyone could get these for a number of reasons. In relation to eyelash extensions though, it is highly important that we follow proper aftercare to avoid these potential situations. Lack of proper aftercare can lead to infections from a buildup of makeup debris and particles, sweat, the natural oils our body produces, etc.

For the lash artist, our job is to be sure we are cleaning and sanitizing our tools properly in between every single appointment. Using products such as Barbicide, Cavi Wipes, an autoclave, etc., can ensure correct sanitation. 

Click here to check out our blog post on how to properly clean your lashes and the products you can use to do so! 

8. Are Eyelash Extension Removals Painful?

Answer: No!

Explanation: An eyelash extension removal should never be painful. The client's eyes should remain closed for the entire duration of the lash removal. The only time clients may express discomfort is if the product gets in their eye, so here are a few tips below to avoid this:

  1. Before beginning the appointment, walk your client through the process and express to them how important it is for them to keep their eyes closed. We may be doing everything correctly as professionals, but if the client flutters their eye or tries to open them, it can cause pain. Just be sure to reiterate the importance to them.
  2. As you are removing the extensions, be sure you are not doing any movements to lift the eyelid open and expose the client's eye to the product. 
  3. Try using a cream remover instead of gel. Gel removers are effective but they have a thinner viscosity and are known to more easily seep into the client’s eye even when closed. Cream removers have a thicker consistency that helps avoid this potential issue. Be sure to check out the PLA Cream Remover
  4. To avoid any irritation, try your very best to only put remover on the base of the extensions at the adhesive joint. Avoid getting the product on the client’s eyelid area. 
  5. Remove the product residue! After the extensions have been removed, you cannot immediately move onto the lash bath. There will still be product residue on the clients’ natural lashes, and it is important that we gently scrape off the remaining product. You can do this with your tweezers or use two disposable microfiber brushes or lip wands. Violà! A lot of clients sleep through a removal as they should feel nothing during the process.

We are always here to help, Kings and Queens. Happy lashing!

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